LAMBOOZLED! takes a playful approach to
media literacy education.

Grounded in current research on news literacy and youth media practices, LAMBOOZLED! is a deck-building card game set in the fictional sheep town of Green Meadows -- where, as the game’s tagline reads, “some news stories just want to pull the wool over your eyes!” Players must help the sheep citizens of Green Meadows figure out what’s true and what’s not, by using their best evidence to win them over.

The game was developed by faculty and students at the Media & Social Change Lab (MASCLab), Teachers College, Columbia University. Graphics and design by Giovanni Spadaro. 

LAMBOOZLED! will be published by Teachers College Press on October 9 and is available for pre-order.  

We're currently seeking funding and/or collaboration opportunities for the development of the digital version of the game, which would support both single-player and multi-player modes. If you're interested or have any leads, please get in touch!